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1. What is a domain name / web address?

Domain name is a name that identifies computer or computers on the Internet. By using domain name (yourdomain.com), people can access your home page on your website.  It can also be used as part of your e-mail address. For example: sales@your-domain.com. A domain name is completely unique and there cannot be two same website names on the Internet. In this way, different companies are able to identify themselves in a unique manner. Domain names correspond to a series of numbers called Internet Protocol numbers (IP numbers), that serve as routing addresses on the Internet.

2. What are valid characters for a domain name ?

Some of the valid characters for a domain name include letters, numbers, and hyphens. However, a domain name cannot begin or end with a hyphen. Also, spaces and special characters are not permitted in a domain name.
Some examples of a valid domain name are:

  • Domain.com (valid)
  • Do-main.com (valid)
  • –Domain.com (not valid)
  • doma&%n.com (not valid)

3 . What do we give you with the domain name?
In today's world of e-business, one of the biggest advantages you have as a domain name buyer is control. At WINPHPHOSTING.com, along with domain name, you also have access to the domain control panel through which you can manage your domain name. Thus you can rest assured that with a domain that is booked through us, you are free to move it around to any host of your choice.

Below are Types TLD listed below with our prices In INr.

Registration Price / yr
Renewal Price / yr
Transfer Price / yr
.com Rs. 550 Rs. 550 Rs. 550
.net Rs. 550 Rs. 550 Rs. 550
.org Rs. 550 Rs. 550 Rs. 550
.us Rs. 550 Rs. 550 Rs. 550
.info Rs. 550 Rs. 550 Rs. 550
Rs. 550 Rs. 550 Rs. 550
.net.in Rs. 450 Rs. 450 Rs. 450
Biz Rs. 550 Rs. 550 Rs. 550
in Rs. 800 Rs. 800 Rs. 800
mobi Rs. 1000 Rs. 1000 Rs. 1000
for other extensions Details
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