Quality Control For Injection Molding



No matter what the manufacturing process is , there is always a set of quality control to ensure that inferior products will not enter the circulation and will not be returned to the buyer. When it comes to injection molding, strict quality control system is the key part of Alpine’s manufacturing process to make sure the finish product is up to the highest level of standards in appearance, fit and function.

Our inspection points include:

FQC: Product quality will be tested after all processes are completed.
IQC: It confirms the quality of material procurement.
IPQC: Quality control of the process from the production to packaging.
OQC: It works as a comprehensive check to confirm high quality product and ensure that customers receive consistent content that has been agreed upon.
QE: Seek to test, control and improve the process to improve the product quality from sample to production.



At Alpine Mold, quality assurance, quality control and monitoring procedures are integrated into every aspect as a concept.The quality control for injection mold of our work includes every step during our plastic mold manufacturing process.

Incoming quality control : all tool steel materials and customized outsourcing components shall be inspected to ensure that all plastic materials must strictly meet the requirements of customized plastic mold;

Process quality control:the machining and assembly processes are strictly controlled. QC team is established to supervise and inspect the tool tolerance and machining surface to meet the requirements;

Final quality Control: once the plastic mold tool is completed, the main dimensions of the samples will be checked thoroughly to ensure that no process is missed and that the plastic mold are of good quality.


QC Profile


2D inspection machine


3D inspection machine

We maintain the procedure of using statistical technology to check and control the process to ensure that we produce consistent high-quality plastic mold tools, attached with APQP, FMEA, PPAP, standardized quality document preparation and quality control required by clients.

Our QC team holds a meeting to discuss each issue and seek out the best solutions for detection and prevention of plastic housing every week. All employees will notice the defective samples of injection parts, and everyone's opinions and suggestions will be fully considered and valued during our quality meeting. The quality control and punctual performance of all plastic product will be demonstrated on the bulletin board every month for employees to check and learn.



Injection Mold Quality Control


Injection Molding Quality Control


We has passed ISO9001 quality management system certification and ISO14001 environmental management system certification in 2016. All these system certifications can support our customers' plastic product up to the highest level of standards in appearance, fit and function.




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